Sunday, July 12, 2009

His Eyes Are on the Sparrow

I just read my devotional and corresponding passage of Scripture. The passage itself was Matthew 10:16-31. In this section of Scripture, Jesus is telling His disciples that they will go through all sorts of persecution, betrayal, and hatred because of the fact they follow Him and do things in His name. They should not worry, however, because when they speak, they speak with the Spirit of the Father. They should not worry because those who persecute them and kill them can only kill the body and not the soul. If they are God's house, they are in His spirit. No servant is greater than the master. God cares for them all and they should worry because things are in God's hands. The writer of Matthew uses the quotation about God watching the sparrow and they are sold cheaply, how much more will He care about us. This is a similar quotation as Jesus in Luke 12 speaking of the wild flowers of the field. Different contexts, similar thought, do not worry about your own well-being. God will care for you.

I prayed to God take my worries into His hands that I may have peace in my heart. I prayed that He would give me the strength to relinquish them completely. All those temptations; my worries regarding work, friends, family, and Amanda; and my feeling inadequate . God gave me this image of all these things in balloons floating away into a partly cloudy sky. I can't get them back. They're not mine. They're not in my control. They're in God's hands now.

Even now there is a temptation to jump and reach them, but I cannot. God loves me. I kept reminding myself of this fact this morning. No matter what I do or what I've done or will do, I am worthy of love because God says so!

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