Monday, November 7, 2011

Theology & Biology: It Comes Together in Us

When I have told people that I degrees in both Biology and Religion, I have received different answers. Most think it unique, which it is. Many give me the response that they see that as difficult to mesh. Indeed, academically it was. There were no courses at Central College that could be taken for both (except Introduction to Logic, a Philosophy and Mathematics course).

Over time though I have seen just how much they both come together. God created nature, we are stewards of nature. We study nature to understand it better and to hopefully improve our caretaking methods as well as to stop or at least limit harmful actions. In addition to this, but most importantly, my studies and contemplations of Christianity, theism in general and Biology is this—they all come together in what it is to be human. In what other part of creation can you see how important it is to be in the image of God while simultaneously being made up of the chemicals, processes, and physics that make our bodies function in amazing and complicated ways? Where else can the curiosity, the inquisitive need to know, and the framework for how we view the world come but through eyes of the human in their studies of God and nature? We understand ourselves by both. That is why in the field of anthropology they consider both civilization/religion/cult of the people as well as the heredity, descent, etc of humanity and of civilizations as a whole. Also consider how one views God and how one views nature are tied. I can see beauty in nature since I see the artistry of the Creator. I can see the process, and I believe it has been a process and continues as one, of the One who designs and continues to mold the Creation. Every one of us is a microcosm of the clay-workings of our Potter.

One final point: when we abuse other humans through various means, we abuse the image of God and become terrible stewards simultaneously. Is not being a good steward also treating other creatures, including our fellow human brother and sister, with respect and dignity? Are we not to respect our brother and sister human because we are all related from common descent both as an image of God and biological nature? Whatever way we view nature, there was a first human couple. I will leave it up to you as to how they arose. Through them God gave the image of Himself and through them we are all related.